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Helikopter » Agusta 1995

Agusta 1995
Agusta 1995
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  • 2.300.000,00 $


    Left Engine:
    Rolls Royce 250-C20R/1
    TSN: 2733
    CSN: 4341

    Right Engine:
    Rolls Royce 250-C20R/1
    TSN: 2727
    CSN: 4348


    Single pilot IFR equipped, factory spec including co-pilot instrument panel

    3 axis dual channel SAS - Sperry (Honeywell) SP 711

    Flight Director with Autotrim - Sperry (Honeywell) FZ 702

    EHSI - Collins EFD 74

    ADI Main (Electo/mechanical) - Honeywell AD-500H

    ADI 2" Standby (Electo/Mechanical) - Sfena

    Barometric Altimeter (encoding) (2" standby) - Thomson

    Radio Altimeter - Honeywell RT300 with R-315 Indicator

    VHF Com x2 - Collins VHF 22

    VHF Nav x 2 - Collins VIR 32

    ADF - Collins ADF 60

    Transponder - Collins TDR 90 (Mode C)

    DME - Collins DME 42

    Marker - Collins / Dorne

    Remote Compass System - Honeywell C14A

    ICS - Gemelli AG061C

    Skymap IIIC GPS

    Digital Clock - Davtron

    Dual Standby compass - Airpath

    Co-Pilot instrumentation:

    EHSI - Collins EFD 74
    ADI Co-Pilot (Electo/Mechanical) - Astronautics
    Barometric Altimeter
    ICS - Gemelli AG061C

    Additional Features

    Auxiliary Fuel Tank

    Baggage Bay Extender (Half Width)

    Bleed Air Heater

    Cabin Fire Extinguisher

    Cargo Hook Provisions

    Dual Controls (Quick Fit)

    Emergency Float provisions plus One Set of Floats

    Engine Bay Fire Extinguishers

    Engine Breather Oil Separators

    Engine Hour Meters

    Engine Oil Scavenge Filters

    Peltor Headsets (2 x pilots & 5 passenger)

    Rear Cabin Footwell Lights

    Rotor Brake

    Search Light / Motorised Landing Light (450W)

    Sliding Rear Cabin Doors

    Taxi Light (LH Lower Nose)

    TOT / N1 Indicator Tell-tale Reset Multi-Pin Socket (not key type)

    Winch Provisions Partial

    Windscreen Wipers

    Avionics Weather Protection Cover

    Spider Tracks Tracking System

    Note: The following items are standard / loose equipment:

    Cyclic Dual Stick Electrical Shorting Plug for when Duals Removed - Yes

    Exhaust Blanks - Yes

    Wheel Chocks - Yes (1 set)

    Life Raft (Survivor)

    Leasing Şirketleri - TR